BM350 | 单日广告限额50-250美金 | 已注册2-6个月

$ 16.00


Business Manager description.

✅ BM只有邀请链接
       Business Manager ( BM ) is just a invitation link. SELF prepare personal account for receiving BM. 

      ADS account is not created yet. 

      Spending Limit is Randomly, within $50 - $250 per day.  

      After payment was make, it can open 3 more ads account. 

⚠️重要信息 Important 

Warranty is only valid for first 24 hours from your puchase time. Please LINKED to your personal account as soon as possible. Warranty will be viold after 24 hours. 

接入后,请立即检查广告户的额度,任何不达标的账户都可以无理由一换一 (创建广告后,导致额度被降低的不赔)
After linked, please check the ads spending limit inmmediately, any account that not equal to standrad, we will change a new account for you. 
*Spending Limit Drop, due to publishing ads is not under warranty.*



⚠️ If you purchase accounts the first time, we advise you the followings:

- 少量购买,测试后才大量拿
- Buy not more than 10 accounts and check them;

- 账号使用攻略
- Recommendations for using accounts: recommendations;

- 账号可用于 : Selection
- Services you can work with accounts: selection;

- 使用Proxy上号
- Use proxy to work with accounts: proxy;